Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We have decided to move the FaithBuilders Workshop from the PLU campus to the Lakeview Church of Christ temporarily in July 11-13, 2019. This will be the 6th year of the workshop. This move would save a considerable amount of money. The move was prompted by a discouraging response from the college about issues encountered in the workshop this year.

Hopefully, we are planning to move into the new Puyallup church of Christ building for the workshop in 2020. It will have plenty of room to house the workshop. It will seat 500 in the auditorium in the initial stage of construction, with a proposed seating of 800 in the final stage. The site of the new building will be on Fruitland Ave. in Puyallup. We are excited about the move, and the elderships of Olympia church of Christ, Springbrook church of Christ, Lakeview church of Christ, and the Puyallup church of Christ, have enthusiastically endorsed it.

We solicit your prayers and involvement in financially supporting the workshop for future years to the glory of our lord.

God bless,

Ken Wilson, Director